The School of Emerging Technologies

Learn Everything You Need to Know About 4K

The School of Emerging Technologies provides in-depth instruction designed to allow system designers and integrators to master AV technologies, including 4K video, within a short time span. The training concentrates on preparing AV infrastructure for an 8K future and helping to refine digital AV system design by teaching concepts and techniques for different technologies.

The student-instructor ratio is kept low to ensure that each class member receives individual attention. The School of Emerging Technologies provides instructor-led training and demonstration along with hands-on experiences in real-world scenarios to reinforce understanding of the technologies.


This training program is ideal for design engineers and sales professionals.


  • AV Associate Certification
  • General AV industry experience

This Two-Day School Consists of the Following Topics:

Do You Know What it Takes to Install 4K and Prepare for an 8K Future?


The expanding growth of 4K digital video technology in the AV industry presents new challenges for the AV professional on a daily basis. In this course, you will learn how to design practical, working systems that incorporate the full range of digital technologies available, and achieve optimal images using video signal processors transmitted over varying distances. This course also explores how to anticipate, correct for, and design to the challenges of 4K or Ultra HD - UHD video distribution.

We will also discuss how to expand system designs to anticipate future needs and technologies. The course will provide you with the skills to troubleshoot existing system designs, building your knowledge of digital design challenges, and how to resolve them.

4K Fiber Optic System Solutions

Fiber optic technology offers secure, error-free delivery of content over extremely long distances. The Advanced Fiber Optic Design Principles course provides an overview of how AV signals can be transmitted using fiber optic distribution systems when 4K or Ultra HD - UHD pixel-for-pixel signal extension and switching are required for mission critical environments. This course will also enhance your ability to discuss the advantages of fiber optic technology with your customers and other AV professionals.

Evolution of Configurable Control

Time is a valuable commodity. Systems not only need to achieve connectivity requirements, but also be intuitive and easy to operate. This course will guide you on the best ways to take advantage of Extron’s Pro Series Control Products, software, and technologies designed to support the evolving complexities of today’s AV system design. Included in this course are discussions on AV resource management, BYOD, and integrating third party touchscreen displays as a control interface.

Streaming Technologies for 4K Applications

The use of streaming media is becoming more prevalent. At the end of this course, you will walk away with a better understanding of various compression standards and how they are applied in different applications. You will also gain insight about the network protocols used for streaming and the way IT managers should approach network management for these systems.

Extron Audio

Having the proper sound reinforcement and audio reproduction systems in place are key to overcoming poor acoustics and ambient noise. In this course, you will learn about digital signal processing and the various technologies that provide professional power and sound clarity in thermally efficient and space-saving designs.

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Class Overview

In-depth instruction on new and emerging AV technologies.

Key Topics:

  • Designing 4K Digital Systems
    That Work
  • Streaming Technologies for 4K Applications
  • 4K Fiber Optic System Solutions

Length: 2 days

Location: Offered at multiple locations worldwide, call for details

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