XTP System Configuration Software

Software for the Complete Setup and Configuration of XTP Systems
Key Features
  • Convenient, user-friendly software for configuring, operating, and commissioning XTP Systems
  • Quick and easy configuration via Ethernet or USB
  • Intuitive, tab-based design for ease of use
  • System-wide EDID management within a single window
  • No programming skills required
The Extron XTP System Configuration Software
Version Release Date Size
2.4.0 12 Nov. 2020
  • This software version is for the complete setup and configuration of XTP Systems with firmware version 4.00 or newer (Please consult Supported XTP System Products List for compatibility information)
37.2 MB

The XTP System Configuration Software is a comprehensive tool for the setup and management of XTP Systems®. The software's tabbed sections provide quick and easy access to all of the tools and settings needed for setup, operation, and commissioning of an entire XTP System. Within a single window, a complete view of the system is provided. Users can manage input and output ties, monitor real-time signal and HDCP status for local and remote endpoints, verify audio formats for any signal path, and implement EDID strategies. XTP® transmitters and receivers can also be selected and accessed for easy configuration. With this time-saving software, all aspects of an XTP System can be easily setup via a single Ethernet or USB connection.


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