XTP Cable & Accessories

Extron offers a variety of products to streamline the installation and integration of XTP Systems®. Extron-certified cables and connectors provide assured performance over the entire XTP cable infrastructure. The XTP DTP 24 shielded twisted pair cable, RJ-45 plugs, jacks, couplers, and termination tools are designed specifically for use with XTP Systems to provide optimum signal transmission. To further streamline integration, XTP power injectors can be used to supplement remote power from XTP matrix switchers for delivering power to remote XTP twisted pair devices. Extron fiber optic cable assemblies are available in a variety of lengths, and bulk OM4 multimode and singlemode cable is available in 2 km spools, which is easy to terminate in the field when using the Extron Fiber Optic Termination Kit and the Quick LC Fiber Optic connectors. The Fiber Optic Test Set provides the tools needed to measure optical power and loss in a fiber optic infrastructure. Architectural connectivity products are available for ease of integration above or behind displays, in floor boxes, and areas in which connectivity will be visible within a room. Options include a series of X-Y remote control panels designed for easy mounting and intuitive operation to enable matrix switcher control and monitoring via Ethernet or RS-232.

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