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AutoDesk Revit Architectural Modeling Files Now Available

Building Information Modeling – BIM is fast finding its way into the design of rooms for AV presentation. We’re pleased to announce BIM files for a number of Extron products designed to be mounted within a horizontal or vertical surface. Dynamic, 3D models are now available, in the AutoDesk® Revit® format, for Cable Cubby® and HSA – Hideaway Surface Access furniture-mount enclosures, TouchLink® and MediaLink® control panels, PoleVault® and WallVault® classroom AV systems, and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and mounting hardware.

Extron provides a number of resources for architects and consultants to aid in the design of AV presentation systems, such as CAD drawings, cut-out templates, and block diagrams.

The addition of AutoDesk Revit architectural files now allows you to add three-dimensional elements to drawings for the Extron products being integrated into your architectural plans.

Images are available in both coarse and fine wire-frame models or as renderings with surface detail shown. Further, images can be rotated or tumbled along XYZ axes and flexibly sized to fit any scale.

For ease of implementation, Extron architectural files are saved in the accepted *.rfa file format, so that architects, consultants, contractors, and subcontractors can work from the same 3D modeling files. In this way, all key team members can work collaboratively throughout the development of the project.

These conceptual tools now allow you to undertake installation planning before construction begins, quickly identifying and remediating clash conflicts between surface-mounted AV products and structural or engineering elements such as beams, HVAC ducting, or water and electrical sub-systems.

Extron product views are available in both 2D and 3D orientations. In addition, each product file also includes basic information about the product for your project parameter list, including:

  • Model name and part number
  • Product URL
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Power supply requirements, operating voltage, and current draw
  • Compliance, code, and certifications
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