Extron ProDSP Specialist Online Certification Program

Establish Your Knowledge of Extron ProDSP Systems

Extron ProDSP Specialist - EDSP Certification online program is designed to prepare individuals to successfully deploy and maintain AV systems that include Extron ProDSP products. Participants will experience the versatility and advanced features within Extron DSP Configurator Software. The DSP Configurator Software provides access to all the DSP tools inside Extron DSP and ProDSP products to simplify audio setup and optimization. EDSP Certification demonstrates mastery of DSP system configuration, control, and management, as well as system configuration best practices and troubleshooting.

Extron Certification

In the highly competitive and rapidly changing Pro AV industry, education, training, and certification are essential to the success of both individuals and the companies that employ them. Like a professional license, certification instills customer confidence through reliable evidence of a critical set of knowledge and skills. Acquired fluency and expertise in any field saves valuable time and money, and ensures a higher level of customer service and satisfaction.

The Extron Certification program is for AV professionals who wish to advance their knowledge of AV system technology, design, and configuration. The program consists of online and instructor-led training components and allows system integrators, installers, and consultants an opportunity to learn new skills, validate their existing skills, and gain a better understanding of the latest technologies and solutions.


This program is designed for industry professionals who are required to install, configure, and optimize audio systems. A background of 2-5 years of audio system design and installation experience is required.


There are no education prerequisites. A strong working knowledge of audio system design and installation is required. Successful completion of the Extron AV Associate Certification program is recommended. A thorough understanding of the Extron guide, “Audio Gain Structure for Professional AV Systems” prior to starting the course is highly recommended.

Delivery Method

The Extron ProDSP Specialist program is available online through the Extron Institute Portal. To achieve certification, students who complete the course must also pass a comprehensive final exam.

The online course requires speakers or headphones and is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Course Content

The Extron ProDSP Specialist certification program consists of the following general categories:

  • Master using Extron DSP Configurator Software to set up, manage, and control Extron digital audio processors and integrated products with ProDSP
  • Learn best practices for optimal audio setup with Extron audio DSP
  • Employ customizable Extron DSP configurator templates and building blocks for rapid implementation in a variety of applications
  • Use acquired knowledge of Extron ProDSP products and their functions to validate proper DSP configuration in multiple AV applications
  • Configure and deploy Dante-enabled Extron products in networked audio applications
  • Learn how Extron’s unique implementation of VoIP is designed with the integrator in mind

How Can I Get Started?

To request enrollment into the ProDSP Specialist Certification program, contact your Extron Support Representative.

Continuing Education Units

The Extron ProDSP Specialist Certification program contributes to Continuing Education Units - CEUs for a variety of established industry organizations, including AVIXA™ and BICSI.

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