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Extron Network AV Specialist Certification Program

Demonstrate Your Knowledge of Extron Network AV Systems

The Extron Network AV Specialist - NAVS certification program prepares individuals to successfully design, deploy, troubleshoot, and commission networked AV systems using Extron NAV™ encoders, decoders, and software. Course participants will learn advanced techniques for streaming Pro AV over IP with an emphasis on low latency, bandwidth management, and signal quality. They will also learn to configure point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint networked AV systems and best practices for deploying Extron NAVigator, a hardware appliance for the secure management, configuration, and control of a NAV Pro AV over IP systems. In addition, the Network AV Specialist program includes opportunities for hands-on experience with system design, configuration, troubleshooting, commissioning.

Extron Certification

In the highly competitive AV industry, education, training, and certification are important to both individual and corporate success. Like a professional license, certification instills customer confidence, providing formalized evidence of critical knowledge and skills. The fluency and expertise acquired through Extron certification programs save valuable time and expense, ensuring higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.

The Extron Network AV Specialist certification program is for AV professionals who wish to advance their knowledge of Pro AV over IP system technology, design, and configuration. This program features both online and instructor-led training components, providing system integrators, engineers, and consultants an opportunity to learn new skills, validate their existing skills, and gain a better understanding of the latest technologies and solutions in growing field of Pro AV over IP.


This program is ideal for industry professionals with intermediate to advanced experience with network infrastructure, streaming devices, and software.


Students will be required to successfully complete three online courses:

  • AV Principles:
    • Networking
    • Streaming
    • Signal Distribution and Processing

Successful completion of the Extron AV Associate certification program is also recommended.

Delivery Method

Extron Network AV Specialist certification is available through instructor-led training. To achieve this certification, students who complete the course must also pass an Extron-proctored hands-on exam.

Course Content

The Extron Network AV Specialist program is a two-day course covering the following categories:

  • Best practices for networked AV system design and deployment
  • Understanding Pro AV over IP
  • Configuration of point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint networked AV systems
  • Overview of NAV Pro AV over IP encoders, decoders, and software
  • When and how to deploy NAVigator Pro AV over IP System Manager
  • Effective fault identification, troubleshooting, and commissioning of NAV systems

How Can I Get Started?

To request enrollment in the Network AV Specialist certification program, contact your Extron Support Representative.

Continuing Education Units

The Extron Network AV Specialist certification program qualifies for Continuing Education Unit - CEU credits with a variety of established industry organizations, including AVIXA and BICSI.

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