Custom Button Builder

Custom Button Builder

Create Buttons with Just a Few Clicks

The Extron Custom Button Builder enables convenient and simple customization of soft-touch, backlit buttons for a variety of Extron control products. This dynamic online tool allows individual button customization as well as graphical representations of whole product button layouts with many options for easy edits. The sign-off page provides a detailed order summary and graphical representations of all buttons ordered.

Customize Text, Then Edit or Print Your Bill of Materials

Buttons can be customized with a combination of text and symbols, then, when you are finished, the Custom Button Builder will create a Bill of Materials that summarizes all of your custom buttons and shows the price totals. You can use this itemized BOM for approvals, then generate an Extron part number for easy ordering and tracking.

Available Now

The Custom Button Builder is available around the clock to AV professionals with an Extron Insider login.

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