Control Systems Design Guide ‐ Third Edition

For Professional AV Systems

Professional AV has evolved substantially over the last decade. It seems just a short while ago we were counting down to the analog sunset as we ushered in the age of digital AV. More recently, we’ve witnessed the increasing interplay between AV and IT, the push toward data acquisition for enterprise-level reporting and analytics, and the dramatic drive toward automation, collaboration, and the integration of unified communications. All these advancements and trends march alongside the familiar basics of simplification, system security, and, of course, the ever-present goal of complete customer satisfaction. So why is it important to keep these basic elements in mind? Because regardless of what technology is used for your project, end-user satisfaction ultimately defines its success.


By its very definition, AV control strives to simplify. This can be demonstrated as easily as choosing one of our MediaLink controllers to replace remote controls in a classroom, or, on a grander scale, by implementing enterprise-wide AV management, monitoring, and control using GlobalViewer Enterprise and a full complement of our Pro Series control systems. Regardless of scope, the goal remains the same – provide high-quality, reliable AV systems that are easy to integrate, easy to implement, and easy to use. Another way to achieve simplification is through product reliability - to make sure products work the first time and every time. If the chosen Extron product is one that remains hidden, doing its work behind the scenes, then that product will deliver continuous service, usually with no user interaction or even technical servicing for years to come. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. If, on the other hand, the product is customer-facing, a control interface, for example, Extron ensures uncompromised ease of use based on extensive usability testing and decades of user interface design success. Our software solutions employ the same thoughtful design practices, providing intuitive yet powerful functionality for a broad variety of professional AV applications.

System Security

Extron helps organizations tackle security challenges beginning with our Pro Series control processors – the central component of our AV control systems. These high-performance, secure control processors enhance control system capabilities and complete a control ecosystem that is secure by design. This dedication to security is carried throughout the Extron family of products. Our control processors, featuring a dedicated AV LAN port, offer an extra layer of security by segregating local AV devices from the rest of the network. This helps safeguard these devices from outside intrusion or interference.

And More... All Within This Guide

This Guide can help you simplify the processes involved in designing for control. The articles and designs within will introduce you to the dozens of new Pro Series control products as well as the industry’s most powerful configurable control system software and our Global Scripter programming platform; all designed to make complex systems simpler and simple systems more powerful.

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