AVEdge Builder

AVEdge Builder

The Extron AVEdge Builder is an interactive, drag-and-drop, online tool for designing and customizing the AVEdge enclosure for AV connectivity, USB and AC power. With a few clicks of the mouse, users can easily add AC or USB power, Cables, Retractors, AAP™ AV Connectivity Modules, and optional accessories. As you build your AVEdge, a bill of materials is prepared automatically, and when you’re done, the Builder allows you to review your AVEdge and make any last minute changes before placing your order (Insider login required).

The AVEdge Builder navigation is quick and convenient, using the Previous/Next arrows or the selection buttons on each screen. For more information about any compatible option, click the "Part #" link to launch the associated product page in a new window. The AVEdge Builder compiles all selected products into a single equipment list. Your AVEdge selection can be saved to PDF, Excel®, or PNG for inclusion in customer presentations and documentation.

Key features include:

  • Point-and-click product selection - Build your AVEdge with the click of a mouse
  • Drag-and-drop tool - Quickly build the AVEdge enclosure with the desired functionality
  • Order online - Add your AVEdge selection to the shopping cart and place your order (Insider login required)
  • Export to PDF, Excel, or PNG - Export selection data to the desired format

Convenient 24/7 Access

The intuitive AVEdge Builder is available around the clock for system design, quote submittal, and pricing.

Printable Bill of Materials

The complete BOM can be printed for your project files or for reference on future projects. It is also suitable for sharing with your client.


  • Requires Adobe Flash Player 11 or newer
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AVEdge Screenshot

To customize your AVEdge enclosure, follow the three easy steps; select your configuration between retractors, cables, and/or AAP modules. Click on the “left” arrow to proceed to selection your optional accessories or review your order.

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