Secure, Reliable AV Solutions for Command & Control Environments

Governments and industries around the globe depend on Extron products and technologies to provide high performance, reliable, secure solutions for mission-critical command and control, simulation, and training environments. Our AV switching, distribution, and control products deliver critical video and audio in a diverse range of demanding applications including Ops Centers, Training Simulators, Situation Rooms, Municipal and Utility Network Operations Centers, Mobile Command Vehicles, and Energy Production-to name a few. Wherever situational awareness is key to making accurate decisions, you'll find us presenting a clear picture to front-line operators. We’ve earned our position as a preferred supplier of AV solutions to command and control spaces by delivering high performance and exceptional value.

Operations Centers

Situation Rooms / Executive Briefing Centers

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Smart City / Utility Monitoring

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Energy Exploration, Production and Distribution

Superior Product Performance

Our products are easy to operate and reliably deliver superb video and audio. Ops teams get clearer information, leading to better situational awareness and the ability to make quick, accurate decisions.

System Security

Extron products are secure by design. Many of our AV switching, distribution, processing, and control products are listed in the DoDIN APL and are certified by JITC for use in Government installations and secure facilities.

Training and Technical Support

The training and support that we provide ensures smooth integration and commissioning of your command and control installations and equips your operation and maintenance teams with knowledge and assistance to maintain the systems, so they can do more with less.


Our modular designs, seamless interoperability, and user-friendly software configuration allow easy AV system upgrades. Long product life cycles protect you from disruptive, costly system replacements or refreshes.

Key Product Solutions for Command & Control Facilities